2014 – The Year to Get Your Pilot License

Become a Pilot in 2014become a pilot in 2014


Do you have a dream – a dream that has you flying freely in the air like a bird? Well Man has yet to transform such a dream into reality, but he has surely come close to enjoying the experience – the experience of being airborne and sailing through the skies from one destination to another. Not only will you enjoy such an experience, you will also be able to share and be responsible for flying others to distant horizons if you decide to get a pilot’s license.

So what are the requirements to go in for flying?  It is a highly technical job and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if you have that overwhelming desire to fly, then now is the time to look at becoming a pilot when you are deciding on a lifelong career. The age limit to apply for a student pilot certificate is 16 years. You would need to pass a stiff medical exam to ensure you are in good shape health-wise. Another important aspect when choosing flying as a career is knowledge of English – both written and spoken. As an international language, English is used by all airports and control towers the world over. Armed with these basic requirements, you can start the New Year taking the first step to converting your dream into reality.

Finding the right pilot training school can be achieved by going on the internet. All flying schools will not have the same standards of performance and achievability, so be selective and choose a school that meets your needs. You could also check with students who have passed out from a particular flying school as to how effective the course was. Once you make this decision you have taken the first step to becoming a pilot. Obtaining a private pilot’s license will allow you to fly a single-engine plane. Once you have this license in hand, you can then through a process of studying and obtaining other certificates, climb the ladder to becoming a commercial airline pilot. There are different ratings – like qualifications – which you can add to your license. These ratings cover navigating the plane in bad weather, flying multi-engine planes, sea planes, helicopters and gliders. If you prefer, you can stick with just being a private pilot, an accomplishment many businessmen, actors and other public figures have and which they use to take family and friends into the air.

Going in for a career as a commercial pilot can prove both challenging and rewarding. Just the thrill of operating complex machinery, an opportunity to see and experience different places plus earn well, also makes it one of the most glamorous careers. Flying can be physically taxing and international routes involve having to deal with frequent time zone changes. Flying can involve having to make split second decisions so both mentally and physically, you will need to be 100 percent fit. Besides actually operating the aircraft, you will also need to keep abreast of weather reports. Like the captain of a ship as a pilot you become captain of your crew and passengers.

Happy Flying!